A drop of land, between the sea and the sky, resembling to both a cape and an island, an emerald dressed in white, totally absorbed in reflecting its own glory and torchlight procession.

Rio, Assini, Aepeia, Koroni. Four names that have shed their light onto this peninsula since four thousand years ago. Just a tiny piece of earth that has a lot to tell us: times of prosperity, fall, celebration and lamentation.

Nature and time have created a divine picture, as if they wished to honor centuries of history whereas each part of this picture assumes qualities of the human body, soul, spirit and character.

Seems like the grand old lady is now resting, somehow jammed upon its castle’s inclines, while musing aquamarine and silver charms, or contemplating countless crossings lost in the wave.

Now, with its golden beaches gifts to thousands of tourists – pilgrims the most carefree vacation one can find.